The Eston Show

The Eston Show

The Eston Show

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Chairlady’s Message 2023

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the 69th annual Eston Show.

A phrase that keeps coming up in conversation during our meetings and planning leading up to the show is “it’s for the good of the community”. When speaking to our fathers about what they can remember what the essence of the show in those early days was, always comes back as “the show is a platform for our local community and entrepreneurs to have the opportunity to fundraise and showcase their entities to our neighbouring communities” Growing up in Eston, I really treasure the word community – what a special thing to be able to be apart of something so much more then just yourself. Not many people can understand this or gasp the fact how rare it is these days to still have such a tight knit community. This is also a reflection that we can reach amazing milestones, this year is a special one for our little school – Happy 70th birthday, we wish you many more successful years ahead.

We have tried to ensure that we implement this phrase in everything we have prepared for you over the course of the weekend. What better way then starting with this evening, the official show opening. August in Eston is a very busy month with lots of action on the calendar. So, we want to take the opportunity to give back and provide you all with an evening to enjoy and give thanks. We couldn’t get through a busy month without the support of each other. Pat yourselves on the back, as you all deserve it after the hard work you have all put in to getting this weekend ready.

This evening we bring you a night of wining and dining and what better way to do that then by supporting some local businesses who the owners themselves grew up in Eston. We love to support local and what better way then by welcoming Brad O’Neill from Sugarbaron and Cindy Kidger from Bush Hill Cheese. They have a fantastic array for wine and cheeses for you to indulge in. Thank you to you both and your teams for being apart of this evening.

Then we look at our broader community. The companies we do business with on a day-to-day basis, those that have this special community in their hearts. We couldn’t pull off the this show without our wonderful sponsors, Nedbank, Farmers Agri Care, Finningley, Mascor, Kynoch, Lincoln Haven and CNH Industrial. Thank you for coming on board for either a consecutive year or for the first time. We are always grateful to you. We extend our thanks to all the other companies that have sponsored either prizes, time, or equipment for the duration of the show. If you have a moment this evening, please take a look at our sponsorship board and just see how many people have taken time to contribute towards the weekend in some way.

We have a fantastic line up for the weekend; live music, performances from our school kids & outreach program and so much more. This evening we look forward to hearing some insightful words from both Nedbank & Farmers Agri Care and after that a win over the kiwis will really set the tone for a festive weekend.

Lastly a few extra special thanks that need to be mentioned. Our community prefects, the BEFA Exec, thank you for entrusting this weekend on my committee and I. I especially would like to thank chairman Roger de Billot and Wynne Smith for your unwavering support and mentorship you have shown me during my time as show chairlady. There are honestly not enough words to express my gratitude to your both. And I promise, lastly, my amazing committee. Without the five of you we really wouldn’t be here this evening, so thanks to Belinda Love, Steve Keyser, Chelsea Stiebel, Candice & Roger Cox. Your hard work does not go unnoticed, and we can finally sit back and watch all our efforts enjoyed by everyone

Jenna Higgs